CODC Construction Opportunities Development Council

Created in March 1994, by the Building Trades and CLR Construction Labour Relations Inc (contractor association). CODC works on innovative approaches to improving the sometimes difficult relationships that traditionally existed between unions and contractors in Saskatchewan’s unionized construction industry.

CODC is jointly owned and operated by the Building Trades and CLR. Co-chaired by:

  • Dion Malakoff, Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Building and Construction Trades Council
  • Warren Douglas, President of CLR Construction Labour Relations Association of Saskatchewan

Mission Statement:

To develop and maintain a partnership comprising clients, unions and members, and contractors and employers which will create mutually beneficial business and employment opportunities.

To recognize the value and skills of our employees by working towards an accident/incident free work environment and by empowering individuals to be creative, innovative, and productive.


  • Fundamental change in the labour-management relationship
  • Improved multi-directional communications
  • Constructive collective bargaining process
  • Joint labour-management initiatives
  • Joint training programs
  • Joint workplace programs
  • Equity group initiatives
  • Joint industry relations
  • Joint market initiatives