The Industry

Construction in Saskatchewan

During the 1980s it was common practice to award jobs to the lowest bidder with no consideration for the impact this could have on the industry as a whole. As a result, competition for work became a low bid contest and in order to be competitive many contractors began ignoring trade regulations and training.

At the same time as this competition was happening the government made moves through both cutting funding and reorganizing departments that effectively removed the enforcement agencies that were in place to protect trade regulations and training.

When the government changed in the early 1990s, some of the legislation was repaired, and it put the construction industry back on the path to prosperity. However, since the Saskatchewan Party was elected in 2007, the construction industry has been under attack. Bill 80, in particular, has dealt Saskatchewan construction workers, and their families, an insulting blow. Bill 80 allows employer-friendly unions to apply for wall-to-wall certifications. These unions are not specialized in the construction industry, and wall-to-wall certifications will only mean one thing: less money for Saskatchewan workers, and Saskatchewan families.