OCC Health & Safety

Construction is a dangerous industry. The need for workplace safety is one of the areas where both business and labour are in complete agreement. Contractors benefit from people-friendly, cost-effective projects built on time and on budget. Workers benefit from a safe workplace and continued ability to earn money to support their families.

Building Trades Unions include occupational health and safety legislation in their collective agreements to ensure that all members are aware of it and to have systems in place to enforce the rules. All of the Building Trade Unions have facilities to run occupational health and safety courses for their members.

In Saskatchewan, there are two computer based safety programs with certificates of recognition:

  1. Rights and Responsibilities – developed by CODC Interactive that deals with legislation and safety programs
  2. Safety Construction Orientation Training (SCOT) – an interactive program and online training course brought to you by the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association

The collective agreements for all Building Trade Unions require that all members be certified in in both of these programs.

Good safety training and good safety programs pay big dividends to workers and companies alike. The Building Trades Unions and their employers are equal partners in the safety initiatives through CODC [http://www.saskbuildingtrades.com/codc.html ] (Construction Opportunities Development Council) which they own and operate together.

Foundation of Safety

  • A well-trained worker confident in their ability to do the job. To do this Unions believe that the integrity of the trades must be maintained. Sub-dividing the Trades and not allowing for the completion of an apprenticeship lessens the skills of workers.
  • Work site practices with an emphasis on safety: proper procedures, appropriate safety equipment, and well-maintained tools.
  • Construction schedules and budgets that allow for planning and training are fundamental for the overall safety and satisfaction of all concerned.