International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Local 555

International Brotherhood of Boilermakers - Local Lodge 555A Journeyperson Boilermaker is a tradesperson who must possess the full range of knowledge, abilities and skills required to fabricate, construct, install, assemble, erect, demolish, repair and maintain a wide variety of vessels, tanks, towers, boilers, hoists and other structures, ancillary equipment and fixtures made of steel, fiberglass and other metals and materials. These skilled workers often use acetylene torches, power grinders and other equipment for welding, burning, cutting, rigging, layout and bolting. The broad scope of the Boilermakers trade includes the construction and maintenance activities performed in the field and in industrial and commercial plants such as: cement plants, fertilizer plants, water treatment facilities, breweries, sawmills, iron and steel production facilities, steam generation plants, electric power generation (thermal, nuclear, hydro), gas turbines, refineries (oil, chemical), ship repair, pulp and paper, wind and fusion and many other industries and businesses. It’s hard work, and heavy lifting and dedication to the craft is required.

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